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After: Three Treatments
After: Four Treatments

What is PRP?

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy is a natural, safe, and non-surgical solution for thinning hair. The simple, safe, and effective process uses your own blood plasma to stimulate hair follicle growth, leading to thicker, fuller hair.

Benefits of PRP include: stimulating hair growth, reducing bald spots and thinning hair, safe and simple to administer, and no risk of rejection from your body since your own plasma is used.

How It Works

Plasma in your blood is protein-rich and known to promote cell growth and regeneration. PRP uses rich plasma from your own blood to combat hair loss.

The procedure is simple and non-surgical. First, blood is drawn and passed through a centrifuge. This machine spins the blood around to separate components, allowing us to isolate the platelet-rich plasma. Your plasma is then injected into your scalp. The process stimulates your hair follicles and encourages growth — just by injecting plasma from your own blood!

We recommend 3 sessions, 30 days apart for the initial treatment plan.  After that, one booster session per year is usually more than adequate to keep your results.

Only at DiStefano do we include a fourth treatment of PRP at no extra charge with the purchase of your initial 3 sessions.

1. Collect We collect a small amount of blood
2. Separate Platelets are seperated from the blood sample
3. Concentrate Platelette Rich Plasma (PRP) is concentrated
4. Apply The concentrate is applied to the scalp
5. Hair Growth Concentrate stimulates new hair growth

The simple procedure is safe and effective. It is best suited for hormone-related hair loss, which can affect both men and women, and is most effective on thinning hair. If hair follicles have been completely lost, PRP may not have an effect. In this case, you may see better results from a surgical procedure such as FUT or FUE.

About DiStefano Hair Restoration

DiStefano Hair Restoration Center is a New England-based practice that helps people take charge of their appearance with the latest, top-quality hair transplant and treatment procedures.

With 20 years of experience, we provide a range of hair loss solutions, from non-surgical treatments — such as PRP, laser therapy, topical treatments, or micropigme-ntation — to surgical FUT or FUE procedures. Our skilled doctors will work with you to help determine the right course of action for your hair loss.

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